Inderjit(PHP Developer)

Real partners

When you work with Smartshore Ability, we will put together an experienced, international, multidisciplinary team for your organization, allowing you to reach your goals.

We develop web applications, websites and APIs. We write business software and link systems together. We improve existing software, write new software and design interfaces.


Whatever we make and however we make it, the result is always the same: we help our customers assemble a dream team to solve problems and achieve their aims.

We start straight away

Don’t expect plans and advice from us. Not that we are careless or unprepared; we just prefer to get to work straight away, making prototypes we can then test and validate in cooperation with our customers. We make exactly what is needed, together.

Our briefs.

We take these six beliefs with us in every step we take.


Think outside the box, experiment and adapt. This enables us to help our customers to stay ahead of the game!


No-nonsense and result-oriented. Working heart and soul to achieve the best result.


What you see is what you get. We believe in being open, transparent, honest and friendly.


Our cultural diversity teaches us new ways of looking. Open-minded and with respect.


Helping each other, sharing knowledge and combining forces. Not for but with the customer.


Observation and commitment show us the shortest way to the best result.


Since its foundation in 2005, Smartshore Ability has been all about talent and quality. Just as many companies started choosing to outsource and relocate work to ‘cheap’ countries, our founder Jelke Schippers did the opposite.

Instead of taking work from the Netherlands to India, he first went to India, where he sought out the talent and, together with a local partner, built the very first Smartshore Ability development team. After this, he went looking for customers in the Netherlands.

Smartshore Ability now has two branches in India and two in the Netherlands, meaning that the work we want to do close to the customer can be done close to the customer, while making optimum use of the effectiveness of our Indian branches.

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