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Smartshore Ability develops digital products and services that work, and that are appreciated by their users. For this reason, our designers work in a data-driven way based around experimentation, testing and analysis.

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We test what works by developing prototypes and testing these with end users. Do our users understand exactly what the purpose of a product or service is, and how they can get the best from it?

Starting with testing means we discover step-by-step what users of the products we develop expect, and what they need. So we can make products and services that make our users happy.


Digital museum for the Heineken collection.


Smart personal quiz to increase sales.

AWE inspired

Digital house for 50 year old newspaper

Reformatorisch Dagblad

User-friendly knowledge platform for defense

Royal military police

Frequently asked questions about prototyping & design

What is UX design in a nutshell?

In short, UX is about how a user thinks about using a computer system, software or application.

If the user finds it rewarding, convenient, intuitive and valuable to use a computer system, software or application, they are more likely to use the computer system, software or application more often. This develops an emotional involvement or affinity.

When is UX applicable?

Ux design applies to:

  • Developing a new digital product. 
  • Improving the use of an existing product
  • Addressing a new target audience
  • Implementing one consistent experience across different products and services

Simply put, UX is important because it tries to meet the needs and desire of the user. It aims to provide positive experiences that keep users loyal to the product or brand.

What is the difference between UX and UI?

UX (user experience) and UI (user interface) are two interdependent terms. While UI generally deals with the interaction between users and computer systems, software and applications, UX more generally deals with a user's overall experience with a brand, product or service.

How does UX save money?

Every $1 invested in UX results in a return between €2 and €100. This is because developing takes significantly more time than designing. It's not a flaw for designers, it's a simple fact of 2D, flat functionality versus something that has to be interactive and function for an end user.

"According to IBM, code errors are 30 times more expensive to correct than using the correct information. These code errors are extremely unlikely to occur if you choose UX design." — Steve Olenski
By creating designs and doing user research during the design phase, rather than during the development phase, you will save hundreds of hours of bug fixing and save money for your business.

Do you take WCAG 2.1 into account?

Yes, we work according to WCAG 2.1 standards, making our products accessible to everyone. WCAG 2.1 accessibility guidelines define how to make web content more accessible for people with disabilities. Accessibility encompasses a wide variety of disabilities, including visual, auditory, physical, speech, cognitive, language, learning, and neurological disabilities.

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